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Discussion in 'General Allergy Info' started by ashgard, Nov 27, 2016.

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    Since October 2012 I’m having strange allergic reactions. Although it could also be autoimmune. That’s still unknown. The reactions are quite tedious: my face (or parts of it) gets swollen and depending on the place of the swollen spot i’m having physical complaints, such as: unable to eat whole food because my jaw is wrenched, difficult breathing, headaches and it affects my mood. It’s really annoying. I’m hoping someone has tips or suggestions for me. Anything is more than welcome.

    The reactions
    • Starts in the Autumn (August-November) and stops end of Winter (January-March)
    • The first reactions was slightly on the left of my celias plexus. In one year it moved to my ribs (left), left side, under my left armpit, in my neck (left), on my throat. The years after the swollen spots are only on the left side of my face: lip, cheek, jaw muscle, eye brow, temple.
    • A reaction starts with some itching, turns into slight pain, and then gets swollen. The swollen spot always appears when I wake not. Not during the day. The total process takes slightly more than 1 week.
    What I have tried
    • Docter. He diagnosed my first reaction as an allergic one. He gave me anti-histamine (Loratadine). Didn’t help.
    • Internist. He performed some blood tests. That looked well, but he did find some reactions with egg white and cow’s milk. I tried to avoid these products (which turns out to be very difficult), but that also didn’t help.
    • Allergist. She took some blood samples and did some tests on me. She too concluded that my blood was looking good, and could not find any allergic reactions, except for cow’s milk (so no egg white). But it was not a big reaction. She had her doubts that cow’s milk could be the issue. Now I am sure it isn’t. I’ve been avoiding cow’s milk and products containing cow’s milk in whichever form possible. And still I was having the reactions.
    • Dietician. She adviced me a diet with limited biogenic amine and histamine releasers (is that correct english?). Unfortunately that didn’t help either.
    • Doctor (for the xth time). He doesn’t know what to do anymore. Now he just tries some things. Because the reactions always happen during Autumn and Winter (same season as high activity of dust mites and fungus), he now gave me mometasonfuroaat aurobindo. But that too is not working.

    I don’t know what else I can try. Hopefully someone here is able to give me some suggestions. If you would like to know more or specifics, please let me know.
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    Try a different geographical location during those times and see if it stops the symptoms.

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