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Friday March 24th 2017

Hunter Fan Company Launches Revolutionary Air Filtration System

Hunter Fan Company, the world’s original ceiling fan manufacturer, announced today the launch of the Total Air Sanitizer, the world’s only portable air purifier that effectively captures and kills living biological pollutants and viruses.

Addressing a growing worldwide concern over air safety and cleanliness, Hunter developed the Total Air Sanitizer in order to provide customers with a reliable alternative to UV or UV-C air purifiers, which often do not expose all germs and viruses to the concentration of light intended to kill them. The Total Air Sanitizer uses new technology patented exclusively by Hunter to add an electric current to the HEPA air filter that kills bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi while capturing and removing dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens from the air during any season.

The Total Air Sanitizer captures more than 99.9 percent of airborne particles and applies a charge throughout its one-of-a-kind HEPA filter that “traps and zaps” germs and viruses on the spot. In some rooms or homes, the Total Air Sanitizer may provide a noticeable improvement in air quality in as little as one hour of use.

“Consumers are increasingly concerned with the quality of air that they breathe,” said Jim Gallman, vice president at Hunter. “Families want to feel safe breathing the air in their own home. Hunter is meeting their needs by providing a portable sanitizer that not only purifies the air from common allergens that cause irritation and discomfort, but also kills harmful viruses that may lead to serious illness.”

More than 60 million Americans suffer from severe allergies or asthma, and the number of individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies has nearly doubled over the past 15 years, according to industry research and published reports. Priced competitively at $249, the Total Air Sanitizer benefits individuals who are at a higher risk for allergy-related illnesses, as well as anyone else who wants cleaner air in the home or office. It is currently offered at and 1-800-716-3043.

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