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Friday March 24th 2017

LifeStyles Launches the First Large Polyisoprene Condom

The makers of LifeStyles® Condoms (“LifeStyles”) announce today the release of their latest innovation in contraception, SKYN® Large. Following the overwhelming success of SKYN, the first polyisoprene condom on the market, and due to high consumer demand for a larger SKYN product, LifeStyles is expanding size options and product choices for users suffering from latex allergies with the first large polyisoprene condom.

“More feeling.  Better fit.  Greater stimulation.  These are the top demands of condom users today,” said Carol Carrozza, VP of Marketing for Ansell Healthcare Products LLC, makers of LifeStyles Condoms. “We are so thrilled to provide our users with expanded options in the non-latex and size categories with the launch of SKYN Large, while maintaining the reliability and strength that LifeStyles products are known for.”

The next generation of condoms, SKYN was designed to give condom buyers what they desire most–sensitivity.  Thousands of clinical tests ascertained that SKYN condoms provide greater sensation and more comfort than other non-latex and even natural rubber condoms on the market today. Now, fresh on the heels of recent studies showing that condom users are more likely to report breakage, slippage, and a decrease in pleasure due to improper fit, and due to unsolicited consumer demand, LifeStyles is increasing size options in the polyisoprene category with the introduction of SKYN Large.

With almost 10% of the American population afflicted with latex allergies, SKYN’s non-latex polyisoprene formula avoids any natural rubber latex allergens that might cause adverse reactions with latex-sensitive users. “While SKYN and SKYN Large condoms are the ideal choice for people with a known or suspected allergy to natural rubber latex, we have found in research and customer feedback that many users just prefer the softer, more natural feel of polyisoprene,” says Carrozza. “It truly is the closest thing to wearing nothing!”

Compared to other non-latex condoms on the market– for example those made of polyurethane–SKYN Large provides users with a roomier fit and a softer condom that more easily adapts to the form of its wearer.  A deviation from the typical “clear” condom in this category, SKYN Large is natural in color, which alludes to the natural skin-to-skin sensation it bestows in the bedroom.

All LifeStyles Condoms are triple tested to meet the highest U.S. reliability standards.

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